Numbs the pain songs: Buzova remembered about the anniversary of the break with Tarasov.

Once again the source of information were endless stories leading the singing.

Заглушает боль песнями: Бузова вспомнила о годовщине разрыва с Тарасовым – соцсети


On the eve of the morning devotees Olga saw a series of history in Instagram, in which she recalls their first song “the sounds of kisses”, which began her career as a singer. But here, the fans in social networks has found a reason to gloat, because I remembered that songs Olga as actively started to develop it when a girl broke up with her husband Dmitry Tarasov. It’s just that the anniversary of the first single Olga and tear with a man approximately the same, but because of the social network began to gloat, noting that Buzova tries to drown his pain songs.

Also to do this in their stories leading the singing began asking fans to remove their own videos in which they sing or have a good time under her first single, “the sounds of kissing.” Buzova admits that today it is particularly sentimental. All is good and you could believe it’s really the anniversary of her first songs. We should remember, however, about how how hard Olga was given a divorce and how much pain she caused Dmitry Tarasov, who, unwittingly, gave rise to one of the main stars of the national stage.

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Despite the fact that she is trying to keep the person strong and independent women, some fans are convinced that it is only a mask behind which a deeply wounded woman. The singer is well aware that Tarasova after all her personal life went to pieces, because even a show organized for the sake of the choicest beauties sought the marriage of Olga did not bring any fruit and only brought the unfortunate Buzova with another scammer. All these thoughts Olga and tries to drown with their songs, which she remembers.

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