Nurmagomedov called the date of the battle of Saint-Pierre

Нурмагомедов назвал дату боя с Сен-Пьером

Khabib Nurmagomedov

The champion of UFC in lightweight Russian Habib Nurmagomedov (27-0) once again expressed the desire to carry out fight with ex-champion of UFC in two weight categories canadian fighter Georges St-Pierre (28-2).

According to Nurmagomedov he would like to conduct this fight in November.

Нурмагомедов назвал дату боя с Сен-Пьером

Georges St-Pierre

“Let’s do it in November. After this fight you can retire. I grew up on your battle, and I have nothing but respect for you. I hope I showed you, George, when you were in Moscow. It would be my honor to share the octagon with one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Let’s do it at 155 pounds, or I’ll give you another five pounds because you’ve never dumped the weight limit of the lightweight division. Your choice of 155 or 160. Montreal, new York, Moscow or Abu Dhabi. Send me the place, my friend,” wrote Nurmagomedov in Instagram.

Journalist Ariel Helvani contacted Saint-Pierre and quoted his answer: “I saw that he wrote Habib, and I am very grateful to him for that. Unfortunately, not all decisions depend on us. Tomorrow at the press conference, I will clarify everything,” replied St-Pierre.

Wrote Znayu, Saint-Pierre has described how the negotiations for this fight. About Saint-Pierre said in an interview with Global News.

“My managers for several months to communicate with the UFC. They tried to arrange a match against Habib Nurmagomedov. I know that Habib wanted to fight me, and I wanted to fight him. Most of all, keeps me motivated in this sport the desire to beat someone who seems unbeatable. At the same time is the scariest, but most exciting. To me Habib is now the best fighter in the world. He wins every round, his performances are incredible. No one has found one vulnerable.

However, the UFC is a business. They know that I am in the twilight of his career, I am 37 years old. Habib younger. He’s got a lot of fights. It provides a great future UFC from a business point of view. I understand that they want to keep it on top, not to bet against a guy like me. I’m doing what’s best for my interests, and they do what is best for their interests. This is the case”, – told Saint-Pierre.

Wrote Znayu, Habib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor suspended for a long time after their fights at UFC 229 6 October 2018.

Nurmagomedov was suspended from fighting for 9 months and was fined 500 thousand dollars. McGregor get suspended for six months, and fined 50 thousand dollars.

The timing of the disqualifications are counted from the 6th of October.

“Politics forever,” – wrote Nurmagomedov wrote on Twitter.

As reported by the portal Znayu, Nurmagomedov wants to leave the UFC.

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