Nurmagomedov harshly criticized Ferguson

Нурмагомедов жестко раскритиковал Фергюсона

Khabib Nurmagomedov

The champion of UFC in lightweight Russian Habib Nurmagomedov (27-0) turned to Tony Ferguson, who refused to fight for the interim title.

“I want to remind you guys that before I became champion, I was close to a title fight three times and all three times I missed my chance. The first time was in July 2016, when I was offered to fight in the month of Ramadan and I refused. The second time was before the UFC 205 in new York, when I was offered the title shot, sent the contract, but then gave the fight to McGregor. The third time was at UFC 209, when I was hospitalized and almost died.

But after each failure I said, you missed your chance, earn another win. Tony, you had your chance and you blew it, and it’s only your fault. You know I’m suspended and can’t fight, but it’s not fair to take away my title, because I spent three fights in nine months. I won and defended his belt.

As a fighter, you deserve the title fight, you’re a great athlete and a opponent, but now you need to fight and to fight (but the UFC doesn’t want that). I don’t understand your grievances: if you fell, you got to get up and not complain”, – Nurmagomedov wrote on his page in Instagram.

The former interim champion of the UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson refused to fight again for the interim title, so he will fight Dustin Pare and Max Holloway 13 April at UFC 236.

As previously wrote Znayu show the UFC was named the best among all sports.

UFC President Dana white believes the UFC live show is the best among all sports, including the NFL and NBA.

According to white, the history of the organization there was nobody who would have gone with the show unhappy.

“I know it sounds arrogant, but our shows are the best in all sports. People who attend NFL games, competitions, colleges, basketball and other sports, know that there is nothing better than going to the competition UFC.

Нурмагомедов жестко раскритиковал Фергюсона

Daniel Cormier

Our tournaments are among the best sporting events. In the history of our company never had a single channel head, a sponsor, or someone else who has gone with our show saying that he’s never coming back”, – reports the words of white MMA Mania.

As reported by the portal Znayu became known, who will be the next opponent Conor McGregor.

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