Nutritionists have compared vegan and meat diet: what happened

Диетологи сравнили веганскую и мясную диету: что из этого получилось

American scientists compared the effects of vegan and meat diets on human health.

In particular, researchers from the Institute for clinical and experimental medicine and Institute of endocrinology in Prague believe that a vegetable diet contributes to the presence of certain intestinal hormones that help regulate blood pressure, reports The Medical News Today.

Moreover, these same hormones are responsible for satiety and are given to overeat.

Диетологи сравнили веганскую и мясную диету: что из этого получилось

Four types of vegetarianism

In scientific work the research team examined health records of 60 men, 20 of whom were obese, 20 — diabetes 2-type, 20 — control group.

The scientists randomly divided the participants into two groups: the first diet was a vegan diet; in the second — meat products and cheeses. The researchers also compared diets for calories and macronutrients.

Regardless of whether suffered by the participants of the experiment from diabetes, obesity or had any health problems, people who ate vegetarian diet had higher levels of beneficial hormones in the intestine.

These hormones help regulate glucose insulin and energy levels. They also help to increase the feeling of satiety, thus promoting weight loss.

According to researchers, people can feel more intense because plant foods are rich in fiber, which enhances the saturation but does not add extra calories.

Диетологи сравнили веганскую и мясную диету: что из этого получилось

Vegan pizza

Such hormones help to reduce weight, improve insulin secretion, normalize blood sugar levels and improve our health.

“The fact that the choice of diet affects the production of healthy hormones is important for people with diabetes of the 2nd type or problems with weight,” says one of the study’s authors Khan Koleva (Hana Kahleova).

Recall another reason to add to your diet is broccoli.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” vegan diet improves your mood and helps to get rid of excess weight in people with diabetes of the 2nd type.

Also “Znayu” I wrote 7 tips for those who want to become a vegan.

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