Of the abandoned coal mines of Britain will do the grocery farm

Employees of the University of Nottingham proposed a new way to use a decommissioned deep space.

Из заброшенных угольных шахт Британии сделают продуктовые фермы

Scientists suggest to make abandoned coal mines of Britain grocery underground farm, thanks to which you will be able to save money, water, energy, and time in service beds. The main focus of this proposal is the creation of additional jobs. According to experts, the deep tunnels are separated from the external environment, so there is no problem to provide the necessary conditions for growing food. Experts want to set trusses ultraviolet lamps. Because of this, they will create in the former mines of the necessary microclimate.

Economists have conducted calculations and convinced of the usefulness of this project. Grocery the on-site farm underground tunnels will consume very little power – just as the three English medium households. The lack of sunlight will replace the ultraviolet light lamps. A year intend to collect ten crops 80 tons each. In the mines plan to install shelves with raised beds and artificial heating, equipped with the latest equipment to maintain a good climate for growing produce.

In Britain about 150 thousand abandoned mines. Their operation in new ways will bring tremendous benefits to the residents of the country.