“Oh, and the face is puffy!”: After meeting with the father Volochkova again “thumps” – Fans

Prima’m physically not able to live without alcohol for a long time, say commentators.

«Ой, а лицо заплывшее!»: После встречи с отцом Волочкова опять «бухает» - Фанаты

Recently prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has told that has arrived in the Krasnodar region, where she directly the airport gave two huge bouquet of her favorite white roses. But netizens could not help but pay attention to what looks like a celebrity on a photo: “Oh, and that face puffy! All smeared around my eyes pearl shadow. Pants bomzhatsky, chubaka…” – outraged one of commentators. Subscribers Volochkova can’t ignore the fact that wardrobe divas has not changed since the beginning of 2000-x years, fans will learn the same dresses, blouses, jeans, coat. Followers wonder why, with the wealth, which says Volochkova, she cannot afford to appeal to the stylist and throw out the old-fashioned things.

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Meets so dear to my heart, Krasnodar Region, my good friend Violetta @violetta_shteyn organizer the best projects.???? #anastasiamalave #Volochkova #ballet #Russia #I #love #joy #flowers #happiness #we #autumn #creativity #volochkova #instagood #be #love #me #enjoy #best #good #ballet

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However, fans find one explanation as to why the appearance is still very old prima so bad – it’s all in the alcohol. Allegedly after meeting with his father, Volochkova again, again “thumps” all the time before performances and after. At one of these performances, the star fell on the stage, explaining that “the floor was slippery”, but Hayter has again accused the passion of Anastasia to drink.

Recently prima has published a series of photos of the guest house with daddy. In this private institution star sent of the father due to the fact that he decided to do in his one-room apartment repair.

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