“Old age can’t hide”: Brezhnev criticized fans for old-lady knees

The singer was advised to hide her weaknesses.

«Старость не скроешь»: Брежневу раскритиковали фанаты за старушечьи колени

Most fans of Vera Brezhneva still from time to time confuse the fateful blonde of her elder daughter, as in 36 years old pop diva almost in no way inferior to 17-year-old teenager, like two peas similar to his mother. In some pictures fans and all prefer the singer, who carefully monitors their appearance for a successful career. However, Brezhnev is not always possible to hide all the age-related changes, sometimes almost imperceptible details spoil an almost perfect image of the Faith. Recently Instagram account the singer published an article in which Brezhnev is captured in full length on one of the public events. The slender figure of the singer stressed strict short dress black color with elegant huge pink bow on the left shoulder. The only miscalculation of Vera Brezhneva, according to her followers, was an open knees celebrities that had lost its former appearance and became a clear sign of aging.

«Старость не скроешь»: Брежневу раскритиковали фанаты за старушечьи колени

Fans of the singer in social networks has criticized Brezhnev for the old lady’s knees, which she didn’t even try to hide. Fans are reminded that the hallmark of show business in the West is attention to detail, as even now his knees 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez look younger and more beautiful than the feet of 36-year-old Vera Brezhneva. One of the subscribers, Brezhnev said: “old Age can’t hide” and advised the singer to dress her age and not to flaunt in dresses for 16-year-old Schoolgirls. Most fans of Vera Brezhneva reacted favorably to a new way of his favorite, which even after the birth of two daughters managed to maintain an incredible figure and his signature charm.