Oleg Vinnik one solution won the hearts of millions of men: angry wolf did not give his idol

Олег Винник одним решением покорил сердца миллионов мужчин: разъяренные волчицы не отдают своего идола

Oleg Vinnik

The Ukrainian team have to play two match at the Arena Lviv on 7 and 10 June, but they can be transferred through the concert of Oleg Vinnik.

This is reported by the media.

It should be noted that the question concerning holding of the match at the Lviv stadium stood up immediately after the preparation of the calendar of the games they had on the date immediately after the concert Oleg winnick, who has already managed to book a stadium.

Sostres in Lviv August 24

Druzi, at the request of the football Federation of Ukraine mi vimochan to postpone the concert, yaky MAV Budisa 1 June stadon on “arena Lviv”. Sostres in Lviv August 24 and again I vasvaddo Day Nezalezhnosti of Ukraine.

Geplaatst door Oleg Vinnik op Vrijdag 15 maart 2019

It is noted that the performance of the singer was scheduled for June 1, and the matches of the national team of Ukraine on 7 and 10 June. However, given the characteristics of the lawn, which is laid in the arena was great concern that it will not withstand such loads. Why they even considered the matter of transfer of matches from the city.

More recently, however, the actor appealed to the fans and said that he agreed with the request of the FFU and moved the concert on August 24.

However, it is worth noting that the famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky that fans suspected a romantic relationship with the captain, said, who is really her favorite person. This became known thanks to a recent interview with the stars of “ze Interviewer” to Anatoly Anatolich.

“I don’t want to share with the world his personal life. And I know everyone wants to know about it. Well, I sleep with my husband. Each interview asking me the same thing. I understand, but it’s so nice of you to torment,” said Nastya Kamensky.

In addition, the singer said that she is credited novels with different men. Often Winnick and Potapov. “Well, no one knows what we have with Oleg. And no one will know,” the intriguing singer.

Олег Винник одним решением покорил сердца миллионов мужчин: разъяренные волчицы не отдают своего идола

The actress also made a loud statement about pregnancy: “Never in my life did not give birth, did not do abortions. I even have them in this direction did not give birth”.

It is worth mentioning that the famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who performs under the pseudonym NK, recently radically changed the way and well lost weight, and brags on his page in Instagram. Recently the singer posted new self in the mirror, posing in one of Kyiv gymnasiums.

We will remind, Oleg Vinnik was a gift for the wolves on March 8.

As reported “Znayu” Oleg Vinnik showed how near Kiev began its spring.

Also “Znayu” wrote that winnick told how he was bitten by a wolf.

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