Olga Buzova admitted style icon in Russia

And did it not profane-fans, and the specialist – fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev.

Ольгу Бузову признали иконой стиля в России


Experts say that Olga Buzova is a typical example of an ordinary girl. She has a great mind, but stupid it won’t be called. Buzova close and understandable to ordinary people, and therefore enjoys great popularity in Russia. Currently the star of the show “Dom-2” is a style icon and it equals youth. Vasiliev admitted Buzova average option representative of modern society in Russia. Judging by the ironic comment on the taste TV presenter, fashion expert does not share the views of artists and its relationship to clothing. However, criticism of the image does not interfere Buzova to conquer the hearts of millions. Another expert said that the presenter “House-2” broke up with Dmitry Tarasov and the country is traditionally a regret of abandoned women.

Among men specialist called a style icon in Russia Dmitry Nagiyev. Close to him came and frontment music group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. These individuals are very popular now.

Mother Olga Buzova recently told to sacrifice is her daughter for publicity. During the concert, the actress nearly fell from exhaustion. It is laid out in full to give positive emotions to the fans. Despite Herculean efforts, many unflattering comments about Buzova.