Olga Cybulski told the sacrifices necessary to go for the sake of beauty

Оля Цибульская рассказала, на какие жертвы приходится идти ради красоты

Popular Ukrainian singer Olya Cybulski made another statement to fans through its Insta-blog. About it reports the magazine “Clutch”

Cybulska told the fans that the grueling filming and concert schedule too adversely affected the condition of the hair, so now Ola account every week to do incredibly painful vitamin injections in the head by a special recipe.

Оля Цибульская рассказала, на какие жертвы приходится идти ради красоты

“I think that Botox, which you inject other stars is nothing compared to THIS” — boldly stated Cybulski.

“Olga, you’re a strong woman! Respect”, “Babe! Beauty requires sacrifice”, “I also took and lost consciousness for a second procedure. Olya, you are cool!” comment surprised fans.

As reported by the information portal “Znayu” the paparazzi managed to catch a popular British actor Orlando bloom with girlfriend Katy Perry, and 8-year-old son Flynn while relaxing at the bowling club. Write about it, the tabloids and publish photos. Reporters noted that when Flynn bloom was a favorite of the paparazzi and about how now her daughter is Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper Leia, regularly became a hero of cute photos. However, after separation the parents of a boy for a long time dropped out of sight photographers. As the boy looks now only seen on rare and random shots. Paparazzi managed to capture just such a case: Flynn with his dad and his girlfriend Katy Perry “caught camera” during a campaign in entertainment center Pine Bowling in Studio city.

Also “Znayu” wrote that the famous American singer said that two foster daughters, twins give her the strength to live, and also posted a video on Instagram in which Esther and Stella perform a freestyle. Madonna loves to share photos and videos of their children on the pages in Instagram. By the way, the ageless singer is an active user of the social network and trying to share new photos every day.

In addition, “Znayu” wrote that recently Irina royally rewarded the patience of their fans who never lost hope, and closely monitored her page, hoping to see something hot. And still waited.

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