Olga Freimut originally on the birthday behind if not my life

Оля Фреймут оригинально поздравила себя с Днем рождения: позади будто не моя жизнь

Olga Freimut

The controversial TV presenter, a former “inspector” Olga Freimut not very often to share with fans the details of his personal life. But, whatever it was, she still from time to time puts new photos on his page in Instagram. So, this time Freimut pleased followers new photos, but most attention went to Frank post of the presenter about her life.

The fact that on 25 February, Freimut celebrates 37th birthday. In connection with this event, the presenter decided to sum up his life and left the network story, and memories.

“I’m 37. For the first years feel: the life countdown was updated, and I felt like I was back in 1982 when so afraid to be born and begin to learn. To breathe. Is. Then, too, there was panic completely and literally given into the hands of strangers. Let the moms and dads. On February 25th 1982, I had no idea how to help themselves, if you are not able to use the ideas, because I do not know the language; when even to a crawl (and even more so to first steps) need to grow. When helplessness in everything, but mom’s smile is intuitively salvation.

Оля Фреймут оригинально поздравила себя с Днем рождения: позади будто не моя жизнь

And now it’s the feeling behind if not my life. Like some other I went. Nietzsche counseled to love their fate. I love it. It is interesting – like a movie. The gray plots are the Directors do not undertake. So I’m glad extravagance of my life. But. Somehow today everything starts again. And I see it, I see a sailboat on the waves of the blue sea. As sugar and bread on the table at Breakfast while I write this not integrally text. Front space of the house which has not had time to furnish. I (which is last) left the skills: Dating that to anything; the dreams which priceno. And while trust in the big world is like 37 years ago did it baby,” wrote Olga. Fans do not have to wait long and began to actively discuss the new publication of a celebrity.

We will remind, Olga Freimut showed the man she loved, the fans moved to tears.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Olga Freimut touched the net photos with her husband.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that new outfit Freimut amused fans.

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