Olga Ostroumova badly injured at the rehearsal

One of the most famous Soviet beauties hurt my leg and Directors had to alter the role to the actress was able to walk with a cane.

Ольга Остроумова сильно травмировалась на репетиции спектакля


Olga Ostroumova is 71, but she continues to act in theatre. One of the rehearsals, the actress was injured, and severe pain in the leg forced her to temporarily abandon training, but to cancel their participation in the play she didn’t want. The way out of difficult situation found the son of a celebrity Mikhail Levitin, Jr. He invited the Director to rewrite the script so that his mother could appear on stage with a cane. Olga Ostroumova in the play played the role of the swindler. Several times the actress came to the rehearsal with the baton and then threw it aside and went on their own through discomfort. Ostroumova said that August has no right to look pitiful.

The actress was married three times, but gave birth to only the second husband – Director Mikhail Levitin. The family of the famous couple has been enriched with daughter and son. Then a writer cheated on her, Ostroumova not forgive a loved one’s betrayal, began a relationship with Valentin Gaft, who has long gazed at her and now lives in him, not regretting about the past.