Olga Sumskaya showed themselves without filters and makeup: “Like a hangover”

Ольга Сумская показала себя без фильтров и макияжа: "Как с бодуна"

Olga Sumskaya

Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Olga Sumskaya has always demonstrated how well she looks. Despite the fact that the woman was 52 years old and she is a grandmother once gave birth to her elder daughter Tonya, Ukrainian can afford to take pictures in the car on the way to work, which she is completely without makeup.

This revelation with fans shared the Sumi itself on the page in social network Instagram.

“To work…Without filters. All a good day!” – simply signed photo of the actress.

Olga appeared before his followers with light curls that accentuate her natural beauty last through the years. On the presenter wearing a black top, over which is thrown a white cardigan. Overall, the picture is imbued with sincerity and mystery radiated by Olga herself.

Ukrainians enthusiastically commented on the photo, recognizing the natural beauty of the actress, but not so good-natured.

“Excuse me, what a hangover” – says one review.

Ольга Сумская показала себя без фильтров и макияжа: "Как с бодуна"

But, the girl that is so unflattering comments about Olga immediately flew fans of the actress: “So you like with a hangover, looked at this age”. Did not remain silent and Sumy, which responded with sarcasm:
“You’re right,last night was a glass of champagne at the premiere of his colleagues.”

Ольга Сумская показала себя без фильтров и макияжа: "Как с бодуна"

The remaining comments were more friendly:
“You are charming in natural beauty sensitive women deep”, “very beautiful!”, “Olenka, why do you need those filters: You are so beautiful”, “how?!? How is it possible to look gorgeous without make?!?”, “You are my idol, Olga! Keep it up,” “No filters and no need. You look great!”

It is worth noting that Olga leads an active life in social networks and very often publishes photos from his personal life. Recently, she visited the boutique of Ukrainian brand, which reviewed the new collection.

And, congratulated her older sister – the actress of theatre and cinema Natalia Sumy – happy birthday. Olga very warmly spoke of a soul mate and also received congratulations from their followers.

We will remind, Olga Sumskaya lit up in the company of Vladimir Zelensky.

Earlier “Znayu” reported that Olga Sumskaya showed himself a 20-year-old.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Sumi returned to the most famous.

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