Olya Polyakova will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision 2019

Оля Полякова представит Украину на Евровидении 2019

Singer Olya Polyakova said that I would go to the Eurovision song contest-2019 from Ukraine. This sends Clutch.

Around the national selection for Eurovision 2019 this year has inflamed grave scandal. The winner of the audience voting MARUV refused to represent Ukraine because of the strange requirements in the contract from NTU. Then his chance refused to use the Freedom of jazz and KAZKA. Out of all the fact that Ukraine is not presented in tel Aviv.

Оля Полякова представит Украину на Евровидении 2019


After that, users were only joking. They threatened to send the contest Poplavsky or Zibrova. His desire to conquer the Europeans was expressed by the juror, known as Verka Serduchka.

On Friday, March 1, there is another candidate in the face of Olya Polyakova. Superblondinka published in your profile in Instagram provocative post.

“One day you will ask me, “Who will go to Eurovision?” and I answer: “no”, and you’ll fall asleep peacefully, never knowing that on the Eurovision, I will go,” wrote the singer.

Obviously, Polyakova once again demonstrated his elegant sense of humor, but the fans took the statement seriously, and began to write that the famous blonde will definitely win the contest.

“If I eat you, victory will surely be again in Ukraine!!!!”, “A great idea”, “Olga, save the country. Please!!!”, “Don’t listen to anybody, you will Shine brighter in Europe Serduchka. You are the best”, “Europe go crazy with delight”, “I fully support this idea, I hope and waiting for your application!!! Don’t be ashamed to watch the Eurovision song contest, knowing that you’re going to represent Ukraine”, — write in comments.

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