On state television Poland compare Russia with the Third Reich

It happened during the transfer to discuss the escalating conflict between Moscow and Kiev after the incident in the Black sea.

На государственном телеканале Польше сравнили Россию с Третьим рейхом


At the state TV channel of Poland’s TVP Info Russia compared with the Third Reich, and leader, Vladimir Putin, depicted in the style of the pesticide “Zyklon B”, which was used for killing prisoners of the Nazi camps. This position is the official information source angered many residents of Warsaw. Polish writer Krzysztof Podgorski was critical of the actions of reporters. He said that the owners of the TV channel and journalists can bring a criminal penalty of imprisonment up to five years for violation of article 136. Publicist encouraged the correspondents to get better acquainted with the legal framework of Poland. In the Republic prohibited the display of Nazi symbols, but journalists are not very interested in this fact.

Employees also TVP Info found the inscription “Forward, Russia” during the broadcast of the program in German. The Russian word written with two letters “C” in the style of Nazi symbols.