On the shore of the Black sea “jumped” 100 kilos of cocaine, the cops begging you not to open the packages: photo

На берег Черного моря "выбросились" 100 килограмм кокаина, копы умоляют не открывать пакеты: фото


In Romania on the Black sea, the police fished out of the water more than 100 kg of cocaine.

It is reported by the County police Inspectorate of Constanta.

Local law enforcers have told, that to identify all packages with narcotic substance was involved hundreds of people and a huge part of the equipment.

На берег Черного моря "выбросились" 100 килограмм кокаина, копы умоляют не открывать пакеты: фото


“In the operation to search for and collect beached packages of cocaine (each bag weighs about a kilogram) involved more than 300 police, border police, 60 vehicles, motor boats and two helicopters,” – said the police.

According to preliminary data of law enforcers, cocaine got into the water March 22 when the ship that was transporting him crashed in the waters of the Black sea. The results of the preliminary examination showed that the concentration of cocaine in packages is about 90%. In this case the cops ask all the people who find drugs not to open the package and immediately contact the police.

It will be recalled that the incident happened in Dagestan, a policeman died from a drug overdose visiting colleagues from the division of drug control. A colleague of the policeman immediately called an ambulance, but to save the policeman failed.

Two cops took confiscated drugs and one of them paid with their lives for the rash act.

Recall that a team of American and British researchers studied sexual relations thousands of people to find out what substances are used to couple the excitation and improve the sexual experience.

As reported “Znayu” the zoologists found dolphins who are hooked on drugs in the form of grocering fish. According to Paul, the crew managed to capture young dolphins chewing on galacasino fish. They passed the animal around in a circle and chewed it turn.

Also “Znayu” wrote that already the iconic American pop singer Britney Spears a little disappointed their fans. There is information that the singer got to the hospital, but not just in a medical facility, and in the psychological clinic.

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