On the streets of the capital left thousands of people protests against the government gaining mad momentum

На улицы столицы вышли тысячи людей: протесты против правительства набирают бешеные обороты

In Spain thousands of people took to the streets to protest. Rallies against the policy of dialogue with the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez from the Catalan government continued in the center of Madrid.

About it reports Reuters.

The protest was organized by right-wing opposition party “people’s party” and the party “Citizens”. The protest rally was joined by the right wing party, Vox. They decided to organize a rally after Sanchez was offered the separatists an opportunity to “round table” for negotiations.

The protest on the Plaza de Colon, which was held under the slogan “For a United Spain, elections now!”. The protesters believe the policy of Sanchez betrayal of national interests and oppose the independence of Catalonia.

The organizers announced the participation in the rally of 200,000 people. The government estimated the number of demonstrators in 45 000 , although, judging by the videos and photos from the event, this estimate is somewhat understated.

На улицы столицы вышли тысячи людей: протесты против правительства набирают бешеные обороты

On 8 February, the Spanish government announced that negotiations with the Catalan parties that favour independence, is discontinued. Madrid said that will no longer make new proposals.

The ruling Socialist party of Spain said that if Catalan parties will not support the government’s plan budget, the country may be under threat of early elections.

It is worth noting that the Spanish court awarded to former members of the Catalan government to return more than 10 million Euro of public funds spent on the survey on the independence of Catalonia in 2014.

Recall that in France the police dispersed the protesters for 15 minutes: “yellow night” was over before it even started

As previously reported, “Know.ia”, “yellow waistcoat” opened fire on the cops: there are victims.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that in the Italian capital, hundreds of thousands of people at the call of trade unions came out to protest against the economic policies of the government. Protesters flooded the Central streets of Rome

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