On the verge of science fiction: Scientists have named the features of memory that were considered fiction

Not all science fiction movies about the mind is a figment of the imagination of the writers.

На грани фантастики: Ученые назвали особенности памяти, которые считались вымыслом

Human memory is still a terra incognita for many, but scientists decided to lift the veil of secrecy. They named several features of memory thought to be a myth or some kind of psychic talent, in General on the verge of fantasy.

First – it’s called hyperthymesia … This term explains veryaskina a gift to remember some events with autobiographical precision. In fact, is a phenomenon of the human brain, the outdoor thanks to an American Jill Price and her Dr. James Macho.

Second, scientists do know how to filter memories and delete the bad. Americans invented a special pill and is now being treated with its help depressed patients.

The third – to transfer pictures from the past really. Neuroscientists from Los Angeles, was done through extraction of the RNA molecules. The tests were performed so far only on mollusks, but experts believe – humans too.

The fourth man really can live the life of another person or character. However, his memories or the events of his life will be taken for his, honestly mistaken. In the world of science this phenomenon is called confabulation.

Fifth – worst memory of the photographers. Scientists have proved that the more a person sees events through the lens of the camera, the worse it remembers them. They seemed to reflect off of the camera and the brain just does not reach.

The sixth memory can really speed up by the process. American inventors gave the world the implant, which helps to absorb and remember information much faster. Tests have already passed on persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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