One molecule will save millions of light around the world

Одна молекула спасет миллионы легких во всем мире

An international group of researchers from the U.S. and France have discovered a molecule that will help in the treatment of tuberculosis.

Scientists have successfully tested a new technique in vitro and in mice, writes the journal Science.

Tuberculosis annually kills more people than any other infectious agent — 1.5 million people. Bacterial infection occurs as a result of infection with the tubercle Bacillus.

Одна молекула спасет миллионы легких во всем мире

Signs of tuberculosis

The pathogen is airborne and infects the lungs. In 1950-ies, researchers have developed drugs to treat this disease, but since then, bacteria have developed resistance — almost a third of all new cases are caused by antibacterial-resistant strains.

Therefore, scientists are constantly working on finding new ways to destroy bacteria. Their efforts are aimed at finding molecules that affect the weaknesses in biological ways of the Bacillus, but not present in the host organism.

A new study has identified a molecule called 8918. The researchers found that the discovered compound inhibited the production of enzyme called phosphopantothenate (PptT) in the tubercle Bacillus, which is not a person.

Одна молекула спасет миллионы легких во всем мире

How do you get tuberculosis

The researchers found that the introduction 8918 in Bacillus in a Petri dish led to the death of bacteria. They also found that the introduction of molecules to mice killed some of the bacteria without causing harm to animals.

Before 8918 can be considered as a candidate for clinical trials, scientists must overcome one obstacle — the drug is a short half-life, which leads to a rapid microsomal metabolism. This means that it does not stay long enough to kill many bacteria.

Recall, the new antituberculosis drug of the new generation have proved effective in 93 % cases of treatment.

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