One yawned – all said, a strange phenomenon finally figured out

Один зевнул - все повторили: странный феномен наконец разгадали

Yawn one and yawn rest

For many centuries, scientists are trying to understand why people yawn – one of the most recent theory is that yawning increases blood circulation in the brain, according to “BBC Ukraine”.

Christian Hess, an employee of the University of Bern in Switzerland said that one of the assumptions of yawning helps to set the biological clock of a group of people in one mode, all also near yawn yawning man.

Hess suggested: “In my opinion, most likely, the role of yawning is to help to synchronize the behaviour of a social group. To get everyone to sleep at about the same time.”

Один зевнул - все повторили: странный феномен наконец разгадали

The girl yawns with her cat

However, people yawn not only from fatigue, but also under stress. Athletes yawn before the competition, and the musicians before the concert. For this reason some researchers, including Robert Provin, we are convinced that the tension of the jaw muscles during yawning plays an important role in rebooting the brain. They cheer when you are sleepy, but if you are distracted – can help you focus.

Olivier Palusinski, the French researcher believes that yawning helps to pump around the brain the cerebrospinal fluid, which in turn increases neural activity.

Andrew Gallup, an employee of the state University of new York in Oneonta, suggested that the way the brain is cooled. He said that the excess heat is removed due to the circulation of blood in the skull, which increases with movement of the jaw. A deep breath takes the cool air in the sinuses and in the area of the carotid artery leading to the brain. The passage of air through the nasal cavity also cools your head like the air conditioning system.

Один зевнул - все повторили: странный феномен наконец разгадали

Yawning man

Final version exists, but scientists are still trying to unravel the mystery of the phenomenon of yawning.

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