“Only because I did not vote for Poroshenko,” daughter complained of Brain pressure

"Только потому, что не голосовала за Порошенко": дочь Мозгового пожаловалась на давление

The producer and the daughter of the famous singer Nicholas Brain Helen Brain was subjected to barrage of criticism for their political position. She never said directly that he supports Zelensky, however, stated that it was not for Poroshenko. As a result, the Brain received a personal message on the wall many offensive messages that were complained in a separate post.

“I desousa from you,” “I thought VI mudra” TSE nitolerence s that scho I read shodn)) and all that, what I don’t…

Geplaatst door Olena Mozgova op Maandag 22 april 2019

“I desousa from you”, “I thought you were smarter” is the most tolerant from what I read today)) and all because I don’t Poroshenko )) tin.. and desuetes, or rather I’ll have you unsubscribed. It is important for me to be with people on the same wavelength, be like-minded people. There who have not yet unsubscribed, do it yourself) because I immediately send to the ban, no discussion. Not one day was over Zelensky, but I respect the choice of the majority of Ukraine. I have all the. While ! Good day to all”.

We will remind, on Sunday, April 21 in Ukraine held the second round of presidential elections that saw incumbent President Petro Poroshenko and popular actor Vladimir Zelensky. Ever since the morning, the polls started to walk voters, many of them photographed and posted pictures on the net call for to go to the polls. Ukrainian celebrities are no exception, they, like all citizens, also go to the polls and vote. Also stars do not deny yourself in pleasure to post the “election” of the tragedy. We looked at our Instagram celebrities and have gathered a selection of such “state of art” photo.

So, one of the first photos from the polling station published TV host and actor Sergey Prytula. He came to the site with their colleagues “Variate”. Earlier Prytula told the fans that changed the voting place in Transcarpathia, as in the day of the election he was there on tour.

We also wrote that the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko has shared the first data of exit-poll on the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine. The corresponding entry appeared in the Telegram.

He made an entry in the form of a survey about fruits and berries: who voted for watermelon, Apple.

Earlier it became known that the candidate in presidents of Ukraine from the political movement “servant of the people” Vladimir Zelensky voted on one of sites of the capital of Ukraine. He admitted that he had not slept all night and feels like his entire team, nervous.

We will remind, the daughter Poroshenko has unexpectedly supported his wife Zelensky.

As reported Know. ua, in fact, servants of the people emerged all the familiar names.

Also Know As. ua wrote, what categorically it is forbidden to do on the plots.

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