Only one coffee filter in pandemic times!

During my last visit to my grocery store, a clerk was waiting for me at the entrance, wearing plastic gloves. He handed me a small disposable toilet paper towel so I could wash my hands. Which I did without hesitation and with pleasure, as well as when I left the store.
Then I said to myself: that’s it, the tone is really set, we are in a time of world health war, as Emmanuel Macron said on TV recently, borrowing a serious air that spoke volumes.

So next step, when I come back to do my grocery shopping, who knows if I’m not the one who will wear gloves to handle fruits and vegetables. We are there right now with the coronavirus.

As expected, several shelves in my grocery store were half empty, especially those for canned food. It says a lot. Also I usually go to do my shopping in the early evening around 19:30, which does not help my cause, it must be said. But I tell myself that there are fewer people and, in this period of social distancing, that counts, doesn’t it?

Besides, there was no longer my kind of coffee filters. There, I said to myself that the situation was getting really critical. But I consoled myself by telling myself that I still had maybe four or five at home. But when I returned, I found that there was only one left. Sad observation!

So for five days, believe it or not, I reused my one small cone of coffee filter five times, cleaning it each time and drying it quickly over a round pan.

I admit after the fact that in the end I would have had fun indulging in this personal accomplishment. This is a small gesture for the environment that I would never have thought of. An unexpected move, due in large part to the fact that we are currently in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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