Opposition fans and detractors Meghan Markle threatens ordinary people

The police pursues the army of online trolls who hack Bank accounts and threaten to kill in the name of Meghan Markle.

Противостояние фанатов и недоброжелателей Меган Маркл угрожает обычным людям

Hundreds of tweets under the hashtag #megulators show that fans of Prince Harry consider themselves opponents and detractors criticize anyone who hurts a pregnant Megan. 41-year-old Christine Cain who was previously posing as Samantha, his half-sister, Meghan Markle, says that some “Regulatory” threatened to kill her and let her feel that she is being watched every second. The girl told that she and her sister Trina, ordinary people, were subjected to vile personal and professional insults; they even stole Bank account after hacking.

Christine believes that people will kill in the name of Megan. “These “Regulatory”, also known as “Sussexsexy squad” attack anyone whom they consider to be harmful to Megan, while “Meget” – ill-wishers who want Megan came out of the Royal family,” she explains. One thing is sure, that the opposition between “Regulatory” and “Messicani” far from complete. Fans can only hope that the future child of Megan and Harry will not be used as pawns in this war.