Original or fake: how to distinguish the real Xiaomi Mi Band 3 from a fake

Оригинал или фейк: как отличить настоящий Xiaomi Mi Band 3 от подделки

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

When started sales of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3, we could see them in a cardboard box white color with transparent top. However, now a popular trackers began to be sold in a closed box, so to distinguish the original from the fake is much more difficult. These rules will help you to distinguish the original from the fake.

Оригинал или фейк: как отличить настоящий Xiaomi Mi Band 3 от подделки

First thing when purchasing the gadget, you will need to pay attention to the design. Namely the box, which should be sealed in plastic. On the side of the box (under the seal) there is only a manufacturer’s logo.

Second – take a camera and record on video the process of unpacking of goods. So, if it is defective, you more guarantee your money back. However, this rule is not very popular, because simply don’t know about this life hack.

After you take instructions and see where you are sending code. If you download a program for mi fit is original. If not a fake. However, it will definitely help you to distinguish an original from a fake.

Оригинал или фейк: как отличить настоящий Xiaomi Mi Band 3 от подделки

Third. When you opened the package – the original is likely to be turned off and after connecting to the charger it is not activated as most of the fakes. And will require connection to the phone, and more particularly to mi fit for activation. This is what confirms the authenticity of the original. After these simple manipulations, we can safely say – before you a fake or a cheap knockoff, which are many today.

Recall that in the Google Play for Android devices new record – Google Maps. The app was downloaded about 5 million times, this is a record to date. Despite the fact that this application is installed “factory”, it counts as a download, because Google aggressively impose their products, and this applies to Android.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi Mi 9, which became a hit even before the official release, disgraced Corporation. The fact that the company wanted as soon as possible to collect the right amount of smartphones, but the company eventually disgraced before the world. The fact that in smartphones there’s no flash. Yes, Xiaomi just forgot to put in a smartphone flash.

Znayu wrote that the head of OnePlus has decided to abandon the headphones in favor of wireless. In future smartphones will not have headphone jacks that will provoke new and more interesting headphones.

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