Orlov disgraced, clumsily satirev photoshop sagging Breasts

Leading “House-2” tried to “pull” the bust using photo editor.

Орлова опозорилась, неумело затерев фотошопом обвисшую грудь


A few days ago, users of social networks discussed “hot” photos of Olga Buzova from the Seychelles, where she shamelessly shows bare buttocks. Now the Internet society provokes criticism of Olga Orlova, which took place Buzova and enjoys working weekdays in the Seychelles, managing to bask in the sun.

A recent photo of Orlova with visible through the swimsuit nipple puzzled fans who came to the conclusion that the anchor was thus decided to be promoted, in order not to lag behind popular colleague Olga Buzova, but was similar in style to Volochkova. Today the leading “House-2” and disgraced for real. If the embarrassment could be just simply an accident that was not noticed by the singer, this time Orlov had “sinned” intentionally, clumsily satirev sagging Breasts photoshop.

On the published picture leading telestroke imprinted with a pet “House of love”, a dog CARICOM. Orlova posing in open yellow blouse with a deep neckline. The photo clearly shows that the breast actress is well retouched, causing the neckline turned out blurry, while the hands of the eagles look crisp.

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Madly miss my dogs. Ask my relatives to send me videos of the homes, and then revise them many times… For those who do not know is Sasyk. And now he will have to endure my love and affection while I’m here)))) by the Way, today is world pet day!!!

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Apparently, the singer not quite happy with my saggy Breasts, so she decided to use the wonders of photoshop, so as not to become a laughing stock, but the opposite happened.