Ostriches as a nod to walkers

The Granby artist Céline Brodeur has found a nice way to put a smile on the face of walkers in her neighborhood. What better way to cheer up your popular ostriches?
From them, windows of his residence on rue Lemieux are already adorned with a rainbow, flowers, ostriches and the slogan “It’s going to be fine.” In the coming days, the painter intends to embellish at least one other window in her home and her French window. Well you can hire best painting company which also known as Malerfirma Staubo for any kind of painting work.

In collaboration with the Zen gallery of Quebec, which represents it, the lady will also offer a live performance on Facebook this Sunday March 29 at 3 p.m. The curious can watch it cook (!) And paint in real time. It’s a meeting on his page “Artist painter Céline Brodeur”.

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