Ottawa discusses possible medical diversion with Washington

Justin Trudeau has expressed serious concern about the possible diversion of medical equipment destined for Canada. Ottawa is discussing this issue with Washington.
“I saw with great concern this report, which would underline that there might have been a diversion. We are very worried about this, “admitted the Prime Minister to his daily outing to the press, Thursday morning.

Trudeau said his ministers are checking information in some media that the Americans may have gotten hold of a shipment of masks destined for Quebec from China.

“We will do follow-ups (…) to ensure that the equipment intended for Canada arrives in Canada,” he promised.

“We are working with the Americans, to specifically highlight this issue,” he added.

“We understand that the needs in the United States are glaring, but the needs in Canada are glaring too,” said the Prime Minister.

By Thursday morning, the number of cases had exceeded 217,000 in the United States. In Canada, the 10,000 mark has just been crossed.

Data and scenarios

“You want to make plans. You want to prepare for the worst. You want to know if there is reason to have hope. I know. And we will have more information soon, “said the Prime Minister before pleading once again the need to obey isolation measures.

Like his counterpart in Quebec François Legault, Justin Trudeau has been confronted for several days with repeated requests for a publication of the scenarios he has in hand. Thursday, he said that this information would be available soon. First, it wants to ensure the quality of the data provided by the provinces, data on which these scenarios are based.

At the end of the day, the premiers will hold a conference call.

Pending these scenarios, Canadians are told again and again that they must stay at home and avoid social contact.

“Everyone must do their part. Everyone must sacrifice their routine so that life will one day resume its course, ”reiterated Mr. Trudeau.

Number of cases

There are now 10,130 confirmed and probable cases in Canada, including 127 deaths.

Distribution of cases across the country, according to the most recent provincial reports available: 4,611 in Quebec, including 33 deaths; 2,793 in Ontario, including 53 deaths; 1,066 in British Columbia, including 25 deaths; 871 in Alberta, including 11 deaths; 193 in Saskatchewan, including three deaths; 175 in Newfoundland and Labrador, including one death; 173 in Nova Scotia; 127 in Manitoba, including one death; 81 in New Brunswick; 21 in Prince Edward Island (with no new cases on Wednesday); five cases in the Yukon; only one case in the Northwest Territories. No cases have been reported in Nunavut.

In addition to these provincial reports, there are 13 cases among passengers repatriated from the cruise ship Grand Princess on March 10.

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