Our Top of the seasons of Game of Thrones (before the season 8)

Notre Top des saisons de Game of Thrones (avant la saison 8)

The most boring to the most exhilarating, here’s our ranking of the first 7 seasons of Game of Thrones.

It is not known yet where will be located the season 8 finale in this Top, but while the last chapter of ‘Game of Thrones’ arrives, we have established a classification of the 7 seasons of the series have already been broadcast. If it’s obviously of some kind of ranking is very subjective, one remembers when some years, Westeros has been more influential than others…

These major issues which the season 8 of Game of Thrones will have to answer

7) season 5, the one with the rape of Sansa

Certainly the least successful of all, with including the failure Dorne, which has greatly annoyed fans of the novels of George R. R. Martin. But overall, this season 5 has visibly struggled with the original books, seeking to further its own story, without too much exceed the novels. This has given a few plots somewhat difficult to follow, as Dany in Meereen, fighting against the sons of the Harpy, fortunately compensated at the end by the stage of the arena, in which Drogon comes to save his mom.
Meanwhile, in Braavos, Arya is washing of the soils for Jaqen in the framework of their training as boring with the “Without a face”. And when it will finally take the action to kill Meryn Trant, she will end up blind !
At King’s Landing, Margaery and Tommen get married, but it is especially the members of the Sparrows who make the law, with a storyline appendix on the religious fundamentalism is generally clumsy, giving a sense of the mouth-hole. Fortunately, the Walk of shame of Cersei, in the end, has allowed this story to get out through the top.
This season 5 we are also told the long and slow fall of Stannis, who is willing to sacrifice Shireen to get more power of the Lord of Light. Oops… Lost!!! The brother of Robert is defeated by Bolton, which will allow Ramsay to consolidate its power at Winterfell. He will marry Sansa to the passage and deliver it to a rape unnecessarily free in its representation, that will be worth the truckloads of critical Game of Thrones.
This season 5, we prefer to remember the battle of Hardhome,” which saw Jon Snow kill his first White Walker with “Longclaw”. But the new Lord Commander allied to the Wildlings to fight the undead. Bad strategy : the Night Guard is angry and going to stab him for the account ! A moment of a beautiful and dramatic intensity, which held in suspense the fans for a year (Jon is he really dead ?) and who will forget the rest of the season generally fairly left.

6) The season 2, the one with the Battle of “Blackwater”

Essentially there are two great things to keep this season 2 : the battle of Blackwater, absolutely heaving, the first large-scale spectacular battle of Game of Thrones, which will mark the beginning of the fall of Stannis Baratheon. And before that, the taking of power of Tyrion Lannister in the council of King’s Landing, absolutely brilliant in his role as Hand of the King.
Apart from that, the series has struggled to find the balance narrative, between the Starks who are declaring war on the Lannister, the rise of Robb, his love story with Talisa, the kidnaping of Jaime Lannister, the betrayal of Theon at Winterfell, Melisandre, who helps Stannis to kill Renly, in front of Brienne, introduced for the first time… a Lot of things, therefore, which are struggling to find consistency. And we are not talking about Dany in Qarth, in what will go down as the plot the most painful of the series. But Game of Thrones is never really bad, even in this season 2, which will managed to get out a few encounters mythical, as that of Jon and Ygritte (“You know nothing, Jon Snow !”) or the face-to-faces, as delicious as it is fleeting, between Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister.

5) The season 1, the one with the execution of Ned Stark

This is where it all began. The first episode is quite fascinating, that instead of grandiose way the pieces of the series, in view of the 70 episodes to come. This is where we made the acquaintance of the family Stark, driven in the game of Game of Thrones by the force of things and by the death of Jon Arryn. Ned Stark became Hand of the King, lies at the heart of the games policies, to King’s Landing. He will quickly understand that his son, Bran, had seen in this tour, leading Jaime to push him : the Queen, Cersei Lannister layer with his brother, and the children she has had are not those of Robert Baratheon. In fact, when this last is killed in the hunt, the small Joffrey, powered on the Throne, has no legitimacy to govern. And the will to Ned, to prevent the Lannister to take control of the 7 Kingdoms, will cost him his head, in the course of a sequence of run-time incredible : yes Game of Thrones does not hesitate to decapitate his hero, from the first season. From this moment on, no one is safe in this story where all the characters can get killed at any time (isn’t it Robb ? Isn’t Joffrey ? Isn’t it Jon Snow ?).
Has Essos, the exiled Daenerys is forced into marriage to Khal Drogo and becomes the leader of the Dothrakis, while giving birth to her dragons.
And in the North, Jon Snow joined the Night Guard, and discovers the threat of the undead, hovering over the 7 Kingdoms.
Away from the show total in recent years, the season 1 was exposed to a lot of small details essential. She has had the merit of introducing brilliantly novices of Westeros the world of George R. R. Martin. A dense universe, with a number of characters, intrigues, relationships, rarely seen on television, but so intriguing…

4) The season 7, the one with the ice dragon

The penultimate season of Game of Thrones has been incredibly upbeat. Consisting of 7 episodes only, it has chained the great moments, far enough now of the books of George R. R. Martin. Problem, at the same time, she has seen the plots, the characters, the movement, accelerate in a strange way and unwelcome, compared to previous seasons. The tone of policy and the nuances moral of the series have also been widely removed to provide a drama the most manichean, but most spectacular also. The attack on the convoy of Lannister, from loot Highgarden, by Daenerys, her dragon, and her Dothrakis, has been very impressive. The death of Olenna Tyrell, just before, has offered to Dame Diana Rigg the farewell it deserved. The meeting between the Khaleesi and Jon Snow has delivered moments of magic that we had hoped for.
We regret, however, a few plots are artificial, as the quarrel between Sansa and Arya, in Winterfell, to which we have never believed, and which eventually cost the life of Littlefinger, in a manner as sudden as frustrating.
Nothing very subtle, so, in this season 7, but the big show, undeniably. The producers are betting on the tv epic, and on that side, the success is total, especially in the North, with the mission of Jon & co, surrounded by Walkers White, and the feint of the King of the Night, which was beautifully maneuvered to retrieve a dragon and transform it, in order to destroy the Wall, in a final scene that will draw up the arm hair of any fan annoyed…

3) season 4, the one with the revenge of Tyrion Lannister

What was rich and delightful, this season 4 of Game of Thrones. Despite the endless trek of Bran to the great north, jubilee south, on the side of King’s Landing, with the incredible family affairs Lannister. It all started, obviously, by the death ultra-violent to the vile Joffrey during his wedding with Margaery Tyrell. Poisoning fomented by grandma, who wasn’t about to let his granddaughter marry such a psychopath. Except that it is Tyrion who was accused of murder, wrongly, with his new wife Sansa. The latter will succeed in escaping from the capital, but the little brother of Cersei is clearly to be condemned, after a trial superb, where the dirty linen of the Lannister will be washed in public, and who will offer the best moments of Peter Dinklage in the show. In the end, it is the extraordinary duel to the death between the Mountain and Oberyn Martell, who will decide the fate of Tyrion. After that the prince of Dorne was his eyes, the last born of the Lannister had no other choice than exile, not without running in the road his bride Shae (who had betrayed her) and his father, Tywin Lannister ! You said Shakespeare ?
Party at the Vale, to the home of her aunt, with Littlefinger, Sansa has begun to build a new personality. It is also in this season it is understood that Lord Baelish was responsible for all the evils of Stark, since he is the one who convinced Lysa to murder her husband, Jon Arryn, trapping Ned to King’s Landing.
Arya, for her part, spends the season with The Bloodhound. Sometimes a little redundant, but a few scenes of this duo improbable will score this season 4, especially when the little Stark’s going to leave Clegane to death, after his epic battle with Brienne.
Finally, some plots would have deserved to be more quickly resolved, such as the mission release of Dany in the Slaver”s Bay and the taking of Meereen, or the relationship between Jon Snow and Mance Rayder…

2) season 6, “The Battle of the Bastards”

Season 6 was the first season to see Game of Thrones completely overtake the books. And this seems to have it released. It is from this point that Game of Thrones began to take on its full meaning. This is the chapter that marks the beginning of the end, with the long-awaited reunion and a battle unprecedented in television.
Around Sansa and Jon, we have seen the end of Ramsay Bolton, who had taken control of the North, by killing his father and the rest of his family. With the help of the Vale, Lady Stark has managed to regain Winterfell, at the end of the “Battle of the Bastards”, masterfully filmed by Miguel Sapochnik. Even if she had to see his brother, Jon, to take power in its place, thanks to the brilliant Lyanna Mormont : “The King of the North ! The King of the North ! The King of the North !”
Arya, meanwhile, finally finishes her training in Braavos and ends up killing his rival, The Waif. It becomes a “No-face” and comes back in the 7 Kingdoms, to best satisfy his revenge against Walder Frey, to which it to slice the throat without other form of trial. So enjoyable !
Has King’s Landing, it is also the season where Cersei ends with his rise to the top of the Iron Throne, detonating the High Septon, the Sanctuary, and the Tyrell the way… even if his gesture will lead to the suicide of her last child, Tommen. What drama !
Finally, to the north of the wall, the story of Bran begins to have some importance in a broader context. In the course of his training with the Crow with three eyes, we learn how the White Walkers have appeared, and what is the true parentage of Jon Snow. A wealth of information, interrupted by a moment of heartbreaking : the famous sequence “Hodor” who “Hold the Door”. Incredibly beautiful.

1) The season 3 “Red Wedding”

This is obviously the one that made the most impression on the history of the series. The one that has put an end, in a bloody way, in the first installment of the war between Stark and Lannister. This massacre of Robb, his mother, and of all their allies, in the heart of a wedding became a cult, now a part of pop culture and television was completed as he had a brilliant season. A season marked by the rise of political machinations, with the entrance in scene of Tyrell to King’s Landing.
A season which also saw Ramsay Snow, the terrible bastard, become the worst villain in the series, making it pay, very expensive to Theon for his betrayal (even if the torture unbearable has somewhat stalled).
It is also where Jon Snow, the other side of the Wall, linked his fate to that of the Sauvegeons, falling in love with Ygritte.
Has Astapr, this is where Daenerys became powerful, by taking the command of the army of the Immaculate, and by launching a war against the slave owners. It is also the season of his meeting with Missandei and Grey Worm.
On his side, Arya has discovered the world, along with members of the Brotherhood without Banner, while Thoros and Melisandre explored a little more of the magic of Westeros and the power of the Lord of Light.
Finally, it is here that Jaime Lannister has begun to change. Under the influence of Brienne, the knight has begun a redemption unexpectedly. A season particularly well written, alternating between the drama, the big show, and the jousting policies. All that has allowed Game of Thrones to enter in the legend, for over a decade.

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