Painted the till Lindemann showed how to make love to the radio: new video detonated a network

Накрашенный Тилль Линдеманн показал, как заниматься любовью с радиоприемником: новый клип взорвал сеть

Till Lindemann

German rock band Rammstein, which not long ago created a sensation in the entire world historical video Deutschland, released and presented no less scandalous video for the song Radio, where German women having sex with receivers, praying on the radio and bring up the radio as their children. Black and white clip in the style of “retro” with deep social message, where the Lindemann makeup and performed a new single. Fans are shocked and are expected to continue in the form of the album “a Programme” will be presented very soon.

The song Radio is dedicated to radio as a means of information transfer, the possibility to get a “breath of freedom” in a world full of limitations. The plot of the video takes place in Berlin last century. Rather, it is about 50-60-ies, as in the video appear radiograms and receivers Carmen (1953-54), Transito (the 1960s), and there are hints of full militarization and censorship inherent in that time.

In the story of the band Rammstein appears in the form of musicians, whose performances are transmitted by radio. However, the receivers of the inhabitants of Berlin are trying to take away the police. Women tend to get a radio that even replaces people: the Germans are engaged with the receivers have sex with their husbands, fed them with her as children. Police also tried to storm the building of the radio Studio, where musicians, but it turns out that there’s only their projection.

The premiere took place yesterday evening in the air of several German radio stations at the same time the clip was shown in the form of a silent projection on the wall of the building Department, which is located in Berlin on the corner Torstrasse and Prenzlauer the alley. Those who wanted to watch the video to world premiere, it was necessary to arrive at the right place at 20:55 and turn on the radio.

Recall that the Lindemann did something that was not solved 10 years

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