Panettiere with her daughter returned to Klitschko and waved with him to the resort

Панеттьери с дочкой вернулась к Кличко и махнула с ним на курорт

American actor Brian Hickerson, boyfriend Hayden panettiere said that she is on vacation with her daughter Kaya Evdokia and the Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko. About this Hickerson said in the commentary edition of Access, protect the reputation of the panettiere.

“In fact, Hayden is now on a family vacation with his daughter and the champion, so don’t believe everything you read. She’s a great mom,” said Hickerson.

7 Feb panettiere were posted on Twitter a photo of sleeping in the car, Kaya Evdokia.

“Sweet moments of sleeping children”, – has signed a snapshot of Hayden.

Earlier Znayu reported that the Ex-world champion in superheavy weight Vladimir Klitschko moved four-year-old daughter Kaya-Evdokia in Kiev.

Barely parting with Klitschko, American Hayden panettiere started Dating actor Brian Hickerson. Relatives and friends Hayden seriously concerned that she and her new boyfriend went to pieces, fascinated by alcohol.

Also, the network appeared the photo on which Vladimir Klitschko went on a vacation with his daughter on Barbados.

Панеттьери с дочкой вернулась к Кличко и махнула с ним на курорт

To help raise the baby boxer helps his mother Nadezhda Ulyanovna.

Панеттьери с дочкой вернулась к Кличко и махнула с ним на курорт

Responded to the constant rumors surrounding his person and panettiere, who has published on Twitter a photo of my daughter, who is sitting in her car. So Hayden has hinted that loses contact with the child.

There Ukrainian boxer, two-time world champion in superheavy weight Vladimir Klitschko, who retired in 2017, returned to Boxing.

This was stated by his potential rival, the world champion under version WBC Silver and WBO International Dillian white (25-1, 18 KO’s).

“Wladimir Klitschko is definitely back. I said, “Yes, I’ll fight,” he said, “No, I need to begin to hold two battle.”

Klitschko’s long rule, he is a great fighter with a great experience. He knows all of them. I will create a lot of problems in this battle, so he refused. He didn’t want to fight with Diliana white in the first match after return,” – said white in an interview with Fighthype.

Earlier in mass media there was an information that Vladimir Klitschko returns to the professional ring, and could fight against the British in the spring of Dillian white.

As previously wrote the portal Znayu Vladimir Klitschko wants to get back into Boxing.

As reported Znayu, Wladimir Klitschko, shared the secret of motivation.

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