Panin told about the terrible grief: my daughter lost her mother

Панин рассказал о страшном горе: моя дочь потеряла мать

Alexey Panin

The scandalous Russian actor Alexey Panin continues to fight with the mother of his daughter of nyusi, model Yulia Yudintseva. Parents are trying to win over every child on his side, even resorting to unthinkable and cruel methods.

About it write the Russian mass media.

Alexey Panin Julia Udintsev and broke up almost immediately after was born their daughter Anna. The artist affectionately calls the girl NUS. Almost immediately, the girl was born, star started parents for her fierce struggle.

In addition to the loud accusations of addiction to alcohol, Panin was even alleged that his ex-wife is mentally ill.

Панин рассказал о страшном горе: моя дочь потеряла мать

Panin daughter

But it’s flowers. Come the next round. The parents were alternately kidnapped by another girl until then, until the court ruled that the daughter will live with Panin. And I wanted the NUS. She explained that with my dad, he lives better, he understands it, and his mother, supposedly, all the time shouting, she with her mother is in constant napreden.

Панин рассказал о страшном горе: моя дочь потеряла мать

daughter of Alexei Panin

It would seem, incident is settled. But this is not so. Now Alexey Panin wants to go further and deprive the ex-spouse’s parental rights.

The actor announced on his official page in social network Instagram.

“My daughter lost her Mother have this nyusya finally refused to communicate with his Mother because she refused to release her on prophylactic treatment abroad. She put in writing a ban on travel. The doctors advised us to visit foreign health camp, Anya called her, and Mother wouldn’t even listen to her. Anya cried a lot (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved. – Approx.ed.)” – I wrote to Panin.

Панин рассказал о страшном горе: моя дочь потеряла мать

According to star of Russian TV series, for this trip he sold his last motorcycle.

“In fact the child lives with me, but the mother is not deprived of parental rights. NOW I HAVE TO DENY!” – said the actor.

Fans of the actor immediately fell asleep post comments and questions. They are interested in the psychological formation of girls. To which the actor replied that nothing to worry about, but “the doctors advised”.

We will remind, Alexey Panin decided to emigrate to America.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, the Russian actor Alexey Panin introduced its version of a scandal in which he was involved recently.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the actor Alexey Panin got in an accident in Central Moscow.

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