Passenger Boeing full of people collapsed near the popular resort

Пассажирский Boeing полный людей рухнул возле популярного курорта

A passenger plane crashed near Addis Ababa. He followed the route Addis Ababa to Nairobi. On Board were 157 people. About it reports Reuters with reference to the carrier.

It disappeared from radar after 6 minutes after taking off from the airport in the Ethiopian capital.

Пассажирский Boeing полный людей рухнул возле популярного курорта

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia has offered condolences to the families of those killed in the plane crash near Addis Ababa.

Earlier we wrote that in America, Florida above lake Octobe crashed a small twin-engine aircraft Piper PA-23-250. The passengers did not survive.

It is known that the plane took off from Tampa international airport and fell into the lake Okeechobee. Emergency personnel learned from the fuselage of the aircraft five bodies.

Law enforcement authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident. At the moment, unknown possible causes of the sudden crash.

We also wrote that in Colombia there was a terrible plane crash. The plane crashed, on Board of which there were 12 people. Previously, they all died.

We also wrote that the MiG-21 crashed in Rajasthan . Cause – collision with a bird.

The publication notes that the pilot managed to eject. Authorities are investigating a plane crash. Upon a collision with a bird.

The incident occurred during a training flight, the weapons on Board was not.

It is worth Recalling that Technology of Russia which is aggressor positioned as unique and modern, in fact, be a failure that once again gives a reason to laugh at would-be developers. Not the last place in the ranking of companies with such problems is and the Russian space Agency, which regularly gives a lot of fun to network users, and all their mistakes blames everyone they can.

Earlier, we wrote that the Russian plane had an accident – came the first details of the incident.

We also wrote that in a terrible plane crash got star of “Game of Thrones”.

Before that, it was reported that in the US a passenger plane crashed into a skyscraper, and terrible shots.

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