People’s artist of Ukraine was urgently hospitalized

Народную артистку Украины срочно госпитализировали

People’s artist of Ukraine Katerina Buzhinskaya seriously scared for his fans. She published a photo from the hospital in his Facebook.

The actress was urgently hospitalized in one of the hospitals in Bulgaria. The singer revealed that she’s laying in a hospital bed, and in her hand is dropper.

It is known that her husband, a native of Bulgaria. The singer was urgently admitted to the hospital for exhaustion. In the caption to the photo Buzhinsky explained why it happened.

Народную артистку Украины срочно госпитализировали

“That’s what causes the frantic pace of life, stress, inability to delegate responsibility (this applies to the syndrome of “mom”, which goes through everything) and busy tour schedule,” explains the singer.

Buzhinsky complained that she was difficult given the busy schedule of life and advised fans to take care of yourself and your health.

In addition, the singer called several points that everyone must say no. Among them, the systematic lack of sleep, constant stress, lack of exercise and frequent consumption of drinks with high caffeine content.

Народную артистку Украины срочно госпитализировали

Also important factors to health, according to Buzhinskaya is a sharp weight loss, which depletes the body and inattention while medication.

“Love yourself the most. To love yourself means to sleep well, tasty and to eat right, find time to exercise with their children, to be able to stop to take a break from stressful situations. And your heart will love you back” he tells Katherine to the fans.

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Geplaatst door Katherine of Buzinska op Dinsdag 12 maart 2019

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