“Perfect for drifting!”: A modified “penny” with two rudders admired network

Autoblogger YouTube channel “the Garage is 54”, which is famous for its experiments with cars, presented its latest development – the VAZ-2101 with two working wheels. Commentators on the network have admired such an undertaking.

«Идеальна для дрифта!»: Доработанная «Копейка» с двумя рулями восхитила сеть

According to the specialist, he decided to install the second wheel so that it was not fake, and really helped to drive. For this project he needed additional steering gear, column and steering wheel itself. Gearbox took the “Volga”, which is better suited for these purposes. The result is a “Zhiguli”, the right wheel which controls right and left – the left wheel of the car.

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«Идеальна для дрифта!»: Доработанная «Копейка» с двумя рулями восхитила сеть

“For 800 thousand?”: Autoblogger frankly told about the new Renault Sandero

Obzorschik spoke in detail about Renault Sandero 2018 release. The downsides of the car was much more, than pluses.

To test the effect of the original design, it was decided to leave the snow-covered ground. Behind the steering wheels of “Penny” in the village from two drivers, the car started up and began to write runnings on the ice – due to the fact that one of the wheels belonged to Volga, bloggers could not adjust to turn at the same time. “Nothing, we do not get you into the woods, I – for firewood!” with humor said one of the motorists. Finally, the drivers accelerated and sharply turned the handlebars in different directions, to see how the car will behave. However, the surprises did not happen, and she just drove right.

«Идеальна для дрифта!»: Доработанная «Копейка» с двумя рулями восхитила сеть

Commentators on the network have admired the “Penny” with two steering wheels and asked the bloggers to go further – to tie a couple of rudders: “we Need to make 4 of the steering wheel and that everyone is responsible for one wheel! Or write two, but that single wheel for the front axle and one for the back!”, “Perfect car for drifting left!”.