“Perfect for long travel”: Impressions of UAZ “Patriot” shared owner

The car owner is listed the main pros and cons of domestic SUV, and also spoke about how the buyer can cheat in the showroom, when you purchase a new UAZ “Patriot”.

«Идеален для дальних путешествий»: Впечатлениями от УАЗ «Патриот» поделился владелец

In the review the “Patriot” picking Optimum 2019 model year, which cost the driver of 400 thousand rubles, with a discount of the interior and the Trade-In program. At the moment, fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 14-15 liters per 100 km, which the motorist believes is too high a figure and hoped that in the near future, after break-in, the consumption will not exceed 11 liters.

In the rest of the major disadvantages of blogger is not found. Unless noted the inability to fold the second row seats in the flat floor, which is the maximum capacity of the trunk is slightly lower than the previous model “Patriot”, however, this disadvantage is solved by installing a small niche in the Luggage compartment. One of the advantages the driver has identified the protection of dampers and gearbox, mounted salon as a gift, and additional seals on the rear door, greatly increasing the soundproofing of the cabin and protects the Luggage compartment from moisture. In addition, drivers like the redesigned air duct is moved into the machine, and corrosion-resistant coating of the bottom of the “Patriot”.

Overall he really likes this car, but to buy it he was advised only the official dealers, pre-beating several salons because many “officials” like to deliberately understate the prices that they write on the website: “Here you come to the dealer and he’s telling you that in fact, the new “Patriot” is worth 100 000 more expensive and justify it by the fact that the website listed the price of the SUV 2018 model year!”.

«Идеален для дальних путешествий»: Впечатлениями от УАЗ «Патриот» поделился владелец

“So far, I really like Patriot, we are all happy. It is ideal for long distance travel, the experience is just great!”, – enthusiastically completed the review of the owner of the new UAZ “Patriot”.