Petro Poroshenko boasted huge reserves of salt

According to the Ukrainian President, salt in the country is enough for 2.5 thousand years.

Петр Порошенко похвастался огромными запасами соли

This statement Poroshenko made December 5 at the forum in the Ukrainian capital. The Ukrainian leader said that the military situation had absolutely no impact on the situation in Ukraine. He advised residents not to panic and not to buy matches, salt, and currency. Poroshenko also said that the curfew is not in the regions subject to the military situation and the media are operating normally, despite the predictions of some. According to him, the country is living a normal life.

This statement of the Ukrainian President was due to the fact that in a recent broadcast of the TV channel “Russia 1”, Olga Skobeeva said that Ukraine ended salt in stores due to the fact that the people are buying EN masse because of martial law.

Petro Poroshenko assured that the reserves of salt in his country enough to even 2.5 thousand years and “Northern neighbor over the curb” should not be happy.

According to him, in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut are huge mountains of salt. He accused the Russian media disinformation and lies.

Recall, the Ukrainian government imposed martial law because of the incident in the Kerch Strait.