Photos of foldable smartphone Xiaomi surfaced online

Фото складного смартфона Xiaomi всплыли в сети

A few weeks ago, the President and co-founder of Xiaomi Lin Bin (Lin Bin) showed a video with a folding smartphone. The guys from LetsGoDigital have carefully studied and created high quality 3D renders of the device. However, nothing new we will not see, but to consider an unusual device is now possible on all sides.

Фото складного смартфона Xiaomi всплыли в сети

By the way, this smartphone stands out, even among folding device: in contrast to developments Samsung or Huawei, it is not in half, in two places. The result is the main part of the size of a regular smartphone and two smaller ones on the sides are “wrapped” back. Thus, it is possible to control the size of the display. Similar technology from competitors simply do not.

In addition, when folded, the screen of this device is not inside, but outside. In the result unfolded, it turns out the tablet is in the folded — normal gadget, and not very thick. However, whether the screen is durable enough not to get scratched in the first week of operation is unknown.

Фото складного смартфона Xiaomi всплыли в сети

In Xiaomi have confirmed that it is developing such a device. He will have three “modes”: double-folded, completely unfolded and folded once (i.e. one piece).

We will remind that the head of Xiaomi said, what will the smartphones of 2019. Note that the company a year ago acquired a company that specializiruetsya cameras smartphones. That’s why Xiaomi smartphones, even the budget, is the top camera that can not be compared even lenses iPhone XS Max. In any case, we can expect a lot of interesting things, so the time patience and money.

Earlier Znayu reported that Apple are very bad, and figured out how to increase the number of sales of the new iPhone, which failed miserably at the end of 2018. It is reported that employees of service centers Apple ordered to sell the iPhone XR, instead of simply to do the repair for broken iPhone user.

Znayu wrote that the design of the Chinese Oppo R19 first appeared in the network. Among other things, it is worth noting a good screen and unusual camera that has a retractable mechanism.

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