Pleasant in communication men were more likely to have sex – Experts

According to a study at Queensland University of Technology, men who love to make friends compliments, much more satisfied with their personal life.

Приятные в общении мужчины чаще занимаются сексом - ЭкспертыAccording to a survey of three thousand men most happy in his intimate life, those who love to make their ladies compliments, care and attention in General – the percentage of exactly 50%.

Experts emphasize that the seemingly logical fact is not an axiom: many men believe that ladies are attracted by the harsh and courageous personality. Psychologists concluded that, in the first place, the necessary balance.

Previously, experts identified that girls appreciate in men such quality as the ability to listen to their opinion, good sense of humor and respect – in short, those who are not confined solely to his person. And yet, as ridiculous as it sounds, girls love the stronger sex simply because it exists.