Please do not cancel what is left of the school year

To Fran├žois Legault, Premier of Quebec and Jean-Fran├žois Roberge, Minister of Education and Higher Education We, the principals of Quebec schools, observe the courage of our government and the solidarity of Quebecers from the start of the current crisis.
W e are proud of the mobilization and the sacrifices that Quebecers have shown to protect the health and well-being of their fellow citizens, especially our seniors, because we love them, as you said so well.

We represent the vast majority of primary and secondary school principals in Quebec, public and private. Together, in the same spirit of solidarity, we implore you not to cancel what remains of the school year in Quebec and to allow us to implement a continuity of distance educational services during the closing of schools.

All the studies show that a long period of inactive schooling has a negative impact on student success, particularly that of students with difficulties. Imagine the impact of five months or more, if we leave our students to themselves without any support from the school system. We were pleased to learn that initial measures would be officially put in place for learning at home.

It is indeed feasible to implement a continuity of educational services for preschool, elementary and secondary children by the time our schools reopen. Our teachers, orthopedagogues, special education technicians, etc., can be called upon to set up creative formulas. Quebec students must not be left behind. If Ontario and other jurisdictions around the world can do it, we can do it in Quebec too. This is essential for the success of our children. We realize there will be challenges and pitfalls, but by providing distance education services this year,

With clear guidelines, let us demonstrate educational leadership and mobilize our teams to succeed in this challenge. We offer to collaborate together, public and private schools from all walks of life in a historic mobilization of the Quebec school system for the good of our children. We offer to share our best practices and our platforms so that effective distance learning can be achieved.

Prime Minister, we are able, together, to meet this challenge. We have seen the government of Quebec, the health system and society as a whole mobilize to protect our fellow citizens and our seniors because we love them. Let us in turn mobilize to protect our students, our children, because we love them.

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