Pleasing to the eye: a cure for blindness found in hyacinths

Радуют глаз: лекарство от слепоты нашли в гиацинтах


Compounds found in hyacinths, can be used for the treatment of blindness.

Research team of scientists from Guildford University showed that galoisienne contained in plants of the family of Long, can stop the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the eyes, writes the Daily Mail.

The researchers argue that in the future they will be able to create synthetic versions of potent compounds to preserve vision in patients with a defect of the blood vessels.

Радуют глаз: лекарство от слепоты нашли в гиацинтах


“We believe that our results point to the possible future treatment of many degenerative eye diseases, and it seems that nature has yet to reveal many secrets,” said Professor Dulce Mulholland from Guildford University.

Diabetic retinopathy is caused by high blood sugar level and damage to the back of the eye, causing blindness if not treated.

It is estimated that this complication is hidden in the body for several years before it will affect the vision, affects 28 million people worldwide.

Such diseases are usually treated with injections of medication directly into the eye, causing patients are at risk for injuries and painful infections.

Радуют глаз: лекарство от слепоты нашли в гиацинтах

Diabetic retinopathy

However, one of the researchers involved in the study, suggested that its results are “a first step” towards a therapy without injections.

A group of researchers tested how effective galoisienne could stop the growth of new blood vessels.

In particular, scientists found a synthetic derivative of a drug that could be used for the development of future treatment methods. Currently its name is unknown.

Радуют глаз: лекарство от слепоты нашли в гиацинтах


We will remind, scientists have developed a tiny implant for the treatment of glaucoma.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” American scientists have managed to grow a fragment of the retina of the human eye.

Also “Znayu” wrote that the new glue for the eyes will relieve millions of people from expensive surgeries, and most importantly, protect against blindness.

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