Poland got rid of “Putin’s pride”: what will replace the last trump of the aggressor

Польша избавилась от "гордости Путина": чем заменят последний козырь агрессора

The Polish authorities consider urgent replacement of military fighters. It is known that the military plans to replace the aircraft of Russian and Soviet production of modern analogues.

This became known thanks to the results of the meeting of President Andrzej Duda with a defence Minister Mariusz Blascom and military commanders, writes “Polish radio”.

Польша избавилась от "гордости Путина": чем заменят последний козырь агрессора

Polish MiG-29

According to journalists, the theme of discussion was the consequences of the catastrophe of MiG-29 this week, which was the third for machines of this type in Poland over the last two years. The Minister of defence declared that it is necessary not only to replace the MiG-29, but SU-22.

“I have allocated money for the purchase of 32 aircraft, however our needs are more, so we’re looking for financial opportunities. However, we must take into account all obligations. This process requires time,” – said the head of the defense Department.

In response, the players have proposed to look for possibilities to acquire a fifth generation aircraft this year not for the money of the defense Ministry, but at the expense of the state budget.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that on 27 February the air combat operation in which they agreed 24 Pakistani aircraft, which intercepted 8 fighters of the Indian air force. While India was waiting for the head of aviation Abhinandana of vardhamana, who was in custody in Pakistan, became known details of the incident.

Along the line of clashes in Kashmir, Pakistani aircraft conducted bombing near military installations. After that Indian fighters began to pursue in the skies by Pakistani planes. During this incident Abhinandana of vardhamana shot down a Pakistani missile. He ejected and fell to the territory controlled by Pakistan, where he was taken prisoner. It was also reported that he would be released the next day.

We will remind, Boeing revealed the unique combat drone: its ability shocked even the Pentagon.

As reported Znaia the World is on the brink of nuclear war: India urged to recover.

Also Znayu wrote, Lukashenko distanced himself from Putin and presented Ukraine with heavy duty weapons.

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