Poor “Pratik”: Bloggers poured Coca-Cola in radiator Land Cruiser Prado

So they wanted to clear the radiator.

Бедный «Прадик»: Блогеры залили «Кока-колу» в радиатор Land Cruiser Prado

Experimenters from the channel Garage54 LIFE decided to “torture” on another car. Bloggers have filled the radiator with “Pratika” drink Coca-Cola. So they wanted to see if soda to wash supergranny radiator.

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Бедный «Прадик»: Блогеры залили «Кока-колу» в радиатор Land Cruiser Prado

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The owner of the sedan Hyundai Solaris second generation complained to the network that when you run only 8000 km has already appeared strange sounds coming from the wheels.

It is noted that the cooling system of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was not very clean and the radiator was clogged after a year of operation. Bloggers decided to make an experiment and clean it with Coca-Cola. They previously leaked antifreeze and even tried it on the taste – it was sweet.

In the end, the radiator fit 6 litres of fizzy drink. When bloggers poured the remains of the “Coca-Cola”, she began “to boil”. The experimenters started the car and began to watch the underhood space – interested and will break “Coca-Cola” radiator poor “Predica”. When they removed the lid from the tank, drink a geyser spilled out. They also said that smelled of burnt caramel. Bloggers pampered and began to pour Coca-Cola to install on Toyota Land Cruiser Prado new radiator.

Бедный «Прадик»: Блогеры залили «Кока-колу» в радиатор Land Cruiser Prado

Commentators praised the unusual experiment and advised bloggers pour olive or sunflower oil into the engine instead of a motor. Some wrote that it would be interesting, along with “Coca-Cola” add “Mentos”.