Potap and Nastya got married: first shots, dress Kamensky and song as a gift

Потап и Настя сыграли свадьбу: первые кадры, платье Каменских и песня в подарок

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who performs under the pseudonym NK, recently radically changed the way and well lost weight, and brags on his page in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put a short passage from a lyric video for the song “Constant”, starring together with her lover Potapov. So, on may 23, the actors are officially married, a long time hiding romantic feelings from the press and fans. Nastia is also in the video lit up a magnificent wedding dress and even erotic lingerie.

“Special senses give rise to special works😍 this is the song “Obsahu” and the new hit @realpotap”Constant”💕

Listen to the line of the new track @realpotap and you’ll understand. Listen to the words of my “Obsahu” and you will all feel❤❤❤
These two songs complement each other and merge. 💞

Thank you, @realpotap that protected us from prying eyes, words, posts🙏🏻Thank you for supporting my choice, that happiness loves silence. 🙏🏻 Thank you that you protect our love🙏🏻 even briefly, we were able to leave the innermost emotions and feelings just the two of us! 🥰

Now it’s time to share with the fans a part of our senses! 😊Today is the most special and happy day for every couple in love❤ We are happy to share with you my happiness and I am thankful that you share it with us!
🐻💎 #BearAndDiamond” – shared joy Kamensky.

Followers have not passed and remained in ecstasy: “have been Waiting for this since the first song Potap and Nastya “Not a couple” a”, “Happiness and love to you so long. Very beautiful and talented 💕”, “Oh my God, it happened!✨”, “I sincerely congratulate you ❤ I💍 as I was already waiting for 🙏 🏽 ❤ this ❤ on!!!”, “I’m shocked, no wonder so many rumors before it was))”, “Happiness, love and prosperity young😍😍”.

Потап и Настя сыграли свадьбу: первые кадры, платье Каменских и песня в подарок

Потап и Настя сыграли свадьбу: первые кадры, платье Каменских и песня в подарок

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Nastya Kamensky took a selfie in the mirror and was intrigued by plans for the future. Fans began to wonder what should happen to discuss the strange hairstyle of the actress.

Also the celebrity has posted a new picture with the Sofia square in Kiev, dressed in a long black dress. Fans began to worry for the actress, because she looks painfully thin.

And Kamensky shared the happy news that she will be one of the jury members in the new season of the popular Ukrainian project “X-Factor”. Fans also noted that Nastya reminds them of angelina Jolie.

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