Potap Kamenskih pregnant retaliated with Osadchaya

Потап отомстил беременной Каменских с Осадчей

After Nastya Kamenskih Potap has published in his Instagram photo with another girl. This sends Clutch.

As you know, former bandmates Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh has long been credited with the novel. Fans believe that the actors live together and even waiting for the joint child. However, Kamensky has published in his Instagram photo with another man. Stories appeared a picture in which she poses with a leading project Voice by Yuri Gorbunov caps brand Mozgi.

Потап отомстил беременной Каменских с Осадчей

At the same time in Instagram Potap appeared exactly the same the wife Gorbunova Katya Osadchaya. Some fans saw this as directly confirm that soon celebrities will no longer hide his affair.

“I want a cap!”, “Honestly you are very similar, like brother and sister”, “will write Soon, Potap with Osadchaya lovers”, “If you combine this photo of Anastasia and the Jura — it is possible to obtain the complete collection”, “Oh my God, honestly I don’t like, well, everyone has their own views, and she doesn’t have anyone like that”, – write fans.

Потап отомстил беременной Каменских с Осадчей

Earlier it was reported that the famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky took a selfie in one of the institutions of Kiev. So, the artist once again demonstrated the habit, thrusting his fingers into his mouth, and fans noticed that his chest Nastya strongly grew in size. However, recently the singer also suspected of pregnancy.

“#dayoff”, – laconically signed Kamensky. Followers will not have passed, “Where did Nastia Boobs come from? Silicone ? Miami was still flat”, “Bra clearly over push-up😂 In swimsuit, Nastia tiny Boobs😂”, “stop biting your nails!”, “Don’t bite your nails! You also asked.🤣”, “Naaasty you’re pregnant??”.

Recall, Nastya Kamenskikh lit up in an embrace with a mysterious stranger.

Earlier Znayu reported that Potap piques the interest of fans to the return of the legendary Duo with Nastya Kamenskih.

Also Znayu wrote pregnant by Potap Kamenskih touched by the network a new video.

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