Potap luck Nastya Kamenskih honeymoon: they’re happy

Потап повез Настю Каменских в медовый месяц: какие же они счастливые

Alex Potapenko

Thursday, may 23, the wedding took place the brightest pair of Ukrainian show-business Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh. Fans have long attributed the celebrity of the affair, and now, finally, their suspicions were confirmed, and the star Duo played a magnificent wedding.

In the media and social networks for several days to discuss the wedding Potap and Nastya. And, although to remove the on-site restaurant, where the celebration took place, journalists were forbidden, celebrity guests themselves all show and tell. Did not hide the details and newly-married couples – and Potap and Nastya and then upload photos from your holiday. However, immediately after the wedding, the couple went on a honeymoon, as reported by Alex on his page in the social network.

He has published a very nice photo with Nastya Kamenskih, which they stand with suitcases at thrupp aircraft. The photo was taken in Kiev but where you’re going young, the farm is not told, only that honeymoon. Fans are not passed by and began to actively discuss the publication, followers trying to guess where Alex was lucky beloved.

Recall, role-playing Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh was on video.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the Kamensky showed Americans the real beauty in Ukrainian.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the farm showed a super stylish spring onions.

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