Powerful African knocked out the Russians and ready to fight with Lomachenko: video

Мощный африканец нокаутировал россиянина и готов биться с Ломаченко: видео

Ghanaian boxer Richard Commies won the vacant world title by the International Boxing Federation (IBF) lightweight title (to 61.2 kg).

The fight took place in Frisco, Texas (USA) and ended with a convincing victory of 31-year-old African over 26-year-old Russian ISA Canevin technical knockout in the second round. By the way, the Russian has been knocked down already in the first round.

Thus, for Chaniyeva this defeat was the second in 15 career fights. The commies won 28 victory and two defeats.

The winner of this battle, namely Commit, is a candidate to fight the world champion at lightweight, WBA and WBO Vasyl Lomachenko. Both fighters even before this duel signed the contract.

Duel Comm Chaniev took place in undecane battle for the title of world champion of the WBO between Colombian Ladera Alvarez and Russian Sergey Kovalev.

Frisco (Texas, USA) hosted a fight-a rematch for the belt of world champion WBO light heavyweight title between Colombian Ladera Alvarez and Russian Sergey Kovalev.

In the first match, which took place in August 2018, Alvarez sensationally knocked out Kovalev. At this time, the Colombian was considered the favorite in the fight.

Kovalev was seriously ready for the second duel, not wanting to lose a second time. The Russians changed coaches, worked seriously on tactics and stamina. The fight was perhaps not so spectacular as the previous, but no less intense and interesting.

Kovalev looked fresh Colombian and have kept more forces on the ending of the fight. Round 10 Sergei shook Alvarez deuce, but he survived, although it was not easy.

In the final round, both fighters trying to remove questions on the winner, send wrasman, but it is preferable looked Kovalev.

Judges unanimous decision 116-112,116-112 and 120-108 gave the victory to Sergey Kovalev, who returned the title of world champion.

Next fight Cloves

The WBC light heavyweight (79.4 kg) 31-year-old Ukrainian boxer Alexander Gvozdik (16-0, 13 KO’s) first title defense will hold on March 30 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) in the battle against the 36-year-old Frenchman of African descent, Doudou Ngumbu (38-8, 14 KO’s). This was reported by the insider LA Times lance Palmer citing its sources.

Мощный африканец нокаутировал россиянина и готов биться с Ломаченко: видео

Prior to this, the veteran Ngumbu was in the States for only one fight — in November 2014, he gave the pole Andrzej Fonfara (30-5, 18 KO’s) by unanimous decision.

Мощный африканец нокаутировал россиянина и готов биться с Ломаченко: видео

Мощный африканец нокаутировал россиянина и готов биться с Ломаченко: видео

The native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo of 8 defeats on a professional ring only one early — from compatriot canister (40-7, 23 KO’s) by TKO in the 5th round in June 2012. It is interesting that Mohammed lost the Cloves early in April 2016 brutal knockout in the 2nd round.

Carnations and UFC

World champion by the world Boxing Council (WBC) Welterweight champion Alexander Gvozdik, stated that could fight in the battles without rules.

However, according to the Ukrainian boxer, everything will depend on the fee.

“It’s simple really. It all depends on the amount. If suggested. But again, everything changes, today it is one figure, tomorrow another. Second question – with whom? With a professional MMA the price immediately increases. If a boxer, just on MMA – it is quite another,” – said Stud in an interview with Mentor ID.

Recall that Lomachenko told that will carry out the following fight on April 12.

Vasyl Lomachenko won the fight against Puerto Rican Jose Pedraza via unanimous decision and unified the championship belts in the WBA and WBO lightweight. The battle took place on 8 December 2018.

Watch the full video of the battle Lomachenko – Pedraza:

The battle Lomachenko – Pedraza lasted all 12 rounds.

The first rounds are traditionally rivals looked at each other. Pedraza was trying to keep tepm to change the rack and enclosure, but for speed and accuracy Lomachenko did not have time. Ukrainian worked calmly and confidently.

In the sixth round, Pedraza missed fast and accurate three from Lomachenko, and became much more cautious going forward. Ukrainian completely controlled the fight.

In the seventh round, Lomachenko began to push the team, and Pedraza tried to answer, demonstrating a good physical preparation. In the eleventh round, Pedraza has twice been knocked down, but he was able to pradovit battle. In the final round Pedraza was just running away from Lomachenko trying to stay until the end.

Evaluation of judges – 119:107 and 117:109 and 117:109 in favor of Lomachenko.

We will remind, under forecasts of bookmakers Lomachenko was the undisputed favorite for this match.

Мощный африканец нокаутировал россиянина и готов биться с Ломаченко: видео

Lomachenko – Pedraza. Statistics

As reported by the portal Znayu, Lomachenko has headed a rating of the best boxers in the world.

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