“Predic forever!”: About the cost of maintaining a Land Cruiser Prado told the owner of the

The driver made a detailed report, which took into account most of the expenses for the maintenance of their “Kruzak” for one year. The amount left is impressive, but acceptable, considering the level of comfort and easy operation of the Japanese SUV.

«Прадик навсегда!»: О расходах на содержание Land Cruiser Prado рассказал владелец

Last year, a motorist drove 13 792 km, of which 3,000 km had for holiday travel. Ran his “Predic” the driver exclusively 92-m gasoline, as a result, only the fuel in the amount of 2 382 liters had to spend 77 246 rubles. Average annual gasoline consumption, according to the onboard computer, was 17,27 l/100 km for the summer period, the average SUV spend 15,77 l, and in the winter time – of 19.61 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.

For routine maintenance the owner of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado paid 38 043 rubles. This amount includes not only the FACT but also the replacement of lubricants, filters and “nezamerzayki”, as well as repair of the brake system and install the new xenon lights. To save, most of the work performed by the motorist himself. In addition, the driver rigged his “Predic” different accessories: seat covers, radio and control system tire pressure. For more detail, he gave another 17 670 rubles.

«Прадик навсегда!»: О расходах на содержание Land Cruiser Prado рассказал владелец

The result for the year of operation, from summer 2016 to summer 2017, the total cost of maintenance Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was 132 959 rubles: “a Lot or a little? Good enough for me. Although much could be saved thousands of 20. Predic forever!”.

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