Pregnant by Potap Kamenskih burned in the arms of Gorbunov

Беременную от Потапа Каменских спалили в объятьях Горбунова

Nastya Kamenskih noticed in the arms of a well-known TV presenter Yury Gorbunov. Reports Clutch.

Fans have long suspected that the singer Nastya Kamensky and Potap producer has a secret affair. According to rumors, the celebrity not only living in a legal marriage, but also waiting for the joint child. To tell the truth, Nastya appeared next to another man – Yuri Gorbunov. The corresponding picture published by the folk artist on his page in Instagram.

Беременную от Потапа Каменских спалили в объятьях Горбунова

On Nastya Kamenskih and Yuri Gorbunov posing in yellow hats reading “MOZGI”.

“Gang in yellow”, signed photograph of the presenter.

Subscribers Gorbunova immediately began to comment on the photo and throw a few compliments.

Беременную от Потапа Каменских спалили в объятьях Горбунова

At the same time, the page Potap in Instagram has a photo of the rapper with his wife Yuri Gorbunov, TV presenter Katya Osadchaya.

The fans decided that a photo can say that Potap and Nastya are going to publicly talk about their relationship.

Earlier it was reported that Nastya Kamensky lit up in an embrace with a mysterious stranger. It was very similar to Potap: bald, bearded, successful and very handsome. Did the singer decided to find a replacement for his longtime producer?

February 8, on his official page in Instagram section Stories Kamensky posted a photo in the arms of a charismatic stranger. In the picture they are laughing and fooling around on camera. Judging from the paraphernalia, they came together on the sports and cheer for their idols from the podium.

Беременную от Потапа Каменских спалили в объятьях Горбунова

It turned out that the man next to star — Sergei Makovets (@bigmak7), team member of the production center Potap Mozgi Entertainment. He had close, but extremely friendly relationship with Kamensky. The man helped the singer organizationat recent American promotional tour “Peligroso”.

We will remind, Potapov spoke about the duet with Kamensky.

Earlier Znayu reported, Nastya Kamenskikh splitting fans with a new photo.

Also Znayu wrote pregnant Kamensky found a replacement Captain.

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