Pregnant from Kirkorov died after the show: fans hounded

Беременная от Киркорова скончалась после шоу Малахова: фанаты затравили

In Russia, a woman died, claiming that she is pregnant by Philip Kirkorov, the newspaper writes Super. Her name was Svetlana Safieva, and one day, while transferring “Live” Andrei Malakhov 52-year-old woman publicly stated that she was pregnant from Kirkorov. We now know that the life of a woman, the truth she spoke or not, suddenly stopped after the persecution that overtook her immediately after the transfer. Cause of death Safeway was bleeding in the brain – a stroke. Rumor has it, the woman could not stand the nervous system, as Kirkorov’s fans, and just people, greedy of gossip, gave her a very real persecution.

In schools it’s called bullying. If a victim of bullying becomes an adult, independent life, and even after the public talk show, stand up for it no one. “I blame myself” – this was the unequivocal verdict of the public regarding the poor woman who wanted a piece of fame. Maybe Safiyeva was indeed a child. We don’t know.

In fact scandalous live Malakhov, scored 5 million views on YouTube, Svetlana showed a nine-month belly claimed that secretly meets with the king of pop, but he prefers to hide their affair. The program has earned a lot of condemnations — of the writers of the program were accused of “madness” and fiction for the sake of ratings untold stories. At the end of the issue allegedly revealed that she Safiyeva suffering from illness, in consequence of which feels about the pregnancy.

After the airing of the show close to the women told that she was under a lot of stress because of the attacks of the public and their own relatives who tried to take away her luxury properties. Safiyeva was forced to go to the hospital, where he spent the last few months.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the singer secretly gave birth to Sergey Lazarev son, Nikita, whom he educates himself. And although the singer after her divorce from Murat suspected of novels, including Philip Kirkorov, most of the suspicion causes of their tender friendship with Lazarev

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