Pregnant from Kirkorov’s fan may be the widow of a California businessman

According to some information, the identity of Svetlana Safieva attracted the attention of the FBI.

Беременная от Киркорова фанатка может оказаться вдовой калифорнийского бизнесмена

According to numerous reports, it may be that Svetlana Safieva, claiming that she is pregnant with triplets from Philip Kirkorov is known not only for it. Presumably she is the widow of the deceased owner of the Matador Media production company from California George Safieva. In 2002, along with his companions kidnapped with the requirement of obtaining a large ransom. After receiving the money, the criminals dealt with the abductees. Five years later, they were arrested by the FBI and sentenced to death. By the way, Safiev until his emigration to the United States was suspected of major embezzlement in Russia, where he was on the Board of a major Moscow Bank. One of the defendants in the case of the abduction of her husband was Svetlana Safieva and the FBI filed a warrant for her arrest. As it turned out, the woman threatened one of the FBI agents kidnapping his daughter in retaliation for what he, according to Svetlana, negligently investigated the kidnapping of her husband.

Беременная от Киркорова фанатка может оказаться вдовой калифорнийского бизнесмена

Subsequently, the woman was released on bail, and she flew to Moscow, where he continued business activity. But the story of the husband was not the last distress Safeway. As she States, relatives of the deceased husband kidnapped her son and deprived of the opportunity to see him. She repeatedly wrote to the Minister of internal Affairs with the request to help to return the child. According to his daughter Eugenia, living in Ireland, mother owns a multi-million dollar estate in Beverly hills, London and Moscow. It is possible that a man, knowing the difficult biography of his female fans might be afraid of her determination to achieve the desired at any cost.